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Sushi anyone?  Oh raw fish is not your thing?  Perhaps cheese then?  These boards are intented for those foods... soft cheeses, fish, meat etc.  Solid resin and no two are alike, they are able to be chilled in the fridge while you await your guests arrival.  They are hand wash only but can be washed with soap and water.  Not intended for placement in the dishwasher.


Your board will be made to order if requested.  Because they vary in colors and design please let me know your wishes so I can make it just what you want. You can have flowers, beaches, nerdy tech stuff, glitter, glam - you name it !

Sushi Boards

  • Please hand wash only with soap and water.  Don't scrape. Don't put in the dishwasher.  Serrated or sharp knives will mar the finish.

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