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Store Policy

Customer Care

Its' about you.  You finding that perfect gift.  Or that home decor item you have been searching for.  Maybe it's an idea you've had but didn't know where to look to have it made.  This is what we do!

Aiming to avoid that big box, online talk to no one experience, you can actually reach out to us and get a personal response.  Be happy with what you purchase!!  Be proud to give it!

If you have a question, custom order request or otherwise need info about any of our items please use our contact page here or via social media

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy and personal information is yours.  We do not share email addresses, phone numbers or other personal data.  Payments are processed through third party payers (PayPal etc) and card information is not stored by threadtree.  

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale inquiries are encouraged!!!  We'll gladly entertain any requests for our products.  Please use our contact page and tell us what you need!

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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