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Wooden Board

There is always a story behind a person.  How they started, who they are, what their interests are.  I am a lifelong artist but truly found my craft when I was gifted some wood by a coworker.

I began to experiment with resin shortly after.  The use of wood and resin has allowed me to blend the things I love most - working with my hands in a physical way while using other art elements to enhance the wood.

About 70% of the wood used also has a story.  It's not unusual to find me on "wood hunts".  These are short adventures often resulting in treasures of local wood, some saved from burn piles or sometimes going on site where the wood is being milled. I have gathered wood from Falmouth, Peru, Northern Maine, Norway and multiple other areas.  In most cases, I can tell you the location your wood came from and it's back story.

The other 30% is imported - I use exotic woods from around the globe (though admittedly have salvaged some of this locally too).  One of my main woods is Olivewood from Turkey- the wood was salvaged from 100+ year old olive orchards before a super highway was installed.  This gnarly, highly attractive wood serves as a stunning base to create some truly unique pieces.

I always try to use every possible piece of the slabs, wood and other materials I procure.  Smaller cuts become coasters, wall art or bottle openers.  Working with clients on a custom order is my wheelhouse - I love to see your face when I deliver your order and I know "I got it".

I am looking forward to expanding and pushing creative boundaries, encouraging other women to get into the "trades". I am many things and my story also includes being a wife, mom and a nurse.  While I have been working in healthcare the better part of my life, I am currently working on finishing my BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Graphic Design fulfilling a life long dream to eventually work full time as an artist.

I look forward to working on your next project.

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