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  • What kind of wood do you use?
    Quality wood!! Aiming to use approximately 50% Maine sourced wood, you'll find quality hardwoods in our products. Species like Walnut, Red Birch, Maple, Cherry and Beech are found in Maine and when available are purchased and used in our boards and other wood items. Exotics like purple and yellowheart, canarywood, bubinga, teak, rosewood, mahoghany & paduak are also available and used to accentuate the designs. We do not use lacewoods, open grain/soft woods such as ash, oak, pine on items that will have food contact.
  • How do I care for my new board?
    Our boards are treated at least 2 times before shipment. We use mineral oil, cococut oil and Vitamine E. A coat of wax (mineral,coconut oil, beeswax) is also applied. These are food safe ingredients and are available on Amazon or any drug store. We do not recommend "butcher block oil" or other type due to the chemicals these contain. Please do not apply oils used for cooking (olive, vegetable etc) as they can become rancid and ruin your board. To Oil: In the beginning the board will be more "thirsty" and need a few more coats. Maybe 1x week for the next several weeks. You may notice certain woods (teak, rosewood etc) not absorb as much - it's OK and expected. You'll want to very liberally apply the oil to the board - think suntan oil style except don't rub in. Setting the board on two plastic solo cups has proven to work well. Apply to both sides and especially the ends all around. Let sit overnight. Wipe excess and board is ready. To Clean: Soap is an enemy!! Light soap and water is OK - DON'T SOAK, No Dishwasher etc... A well oiled board is the best defense! If you find your board is odorous, half a lemon and a dash of salt is effective We hope in the very near future to have a product of our own available - one that contains Maine beeswax so keep an eye out!!
  • How do I care for my new Threads?
    We use high quality, print ready garments that have been tested. We use multiple methods for printing which may include heat transferred vinyl or screen printing. As with any garment care is important... No bleach... at all... even color safe bleach. We always recommend turning items inside out for washing/drying especially where vinyl has been used. You may dry your item either in the dryer or by hang dry (recommended). IF the item is wrinkled a warm iron may be used on the opposite side of the design. We do not recommend laundering any novelty gift bags (wine bottle bags). Our shopping totes can be washed on regular cycle and hung to dry.
  • Do you take custom orders for items not on your site?
    Yes! Of course!! Customers in the past have asked for many different items and we like the challenge of being pushed creatively! We have done custom curtain panels, home decor/porch signs, vinyl decals for indoor/outdoor, wedding table markers/favors, baby blankets and much more...
  • Do you have a physical store?
    As of now - no. It is something that may happen in the future but for now threadtree can be found at any number of Maine based craft fairs, festivals, or other events throughout the year. This is great if your local and like to shop in person. Upcoming events will be posted here as well as on social media.
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