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Taking inspiration from the quickly changing leaves here in Maine seems to be a frequent thing around here lately... 


These are our bar boards... smaller than our lunch boards but perfect for your bar cart or cabinet.  These are made from the smaller pieces from our large boards in keeping with our commitment to use everything we can.  Each one is different and there will be an ever changing assortment.  


They are available in 2 sizes (12oz, 16oz) - this is the 16oz size. Please comment when ordering if you have a specific request for colors or you will be sent what is in stock.


Finished in food safe Walrus Oil.  

Bar Boards 16oz.

  • * Boards may include - walnut, cherry, bubinga, mahogany, maple, purpleheart, canarywood, ash, paduak - no guarantees on any specifics

    * 1/2" to 1.25" thick, 12" long, 5" wide (dimesions approximate and may vary)

    * Finished in food safe Walrus oil (mineral/cocunut oil) and beeswax.

    * Maine Artisan made.

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